We offer all our lessons also as gift vouchers.
Either as a voucher or as a coupon for an introductory class or private lesson. More information at info@tangorange.com or 040-619548.


Our regular events are open to any students without or with partner.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Practice under guidance for beginners and advanced

Here you have the opportunity to try out what you have learned, to deepen it and to ask us questions!
Tuesday, 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Café "Sternschance" Schröderstiftstr. 7

Costs: 5,-€

Lessons for dancers with previous knowledge

Every week we work out specific topics with you. We experiment with the following aspects of dance: body, music, space and communication. All your senses are required here. You can find more information about the topics and their requirements in our newsletter, or directly from us. Write to us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Wednsday, 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Café "Sternschance" Schröderstiftstr. 7

Kosten: 10,-€/ erm. 8,-€

Training for dancers with previous knowledge

We train our balance, work with the body and stability and promote your musicality and aesthetics in dance.
Thursday, 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Café "Sternschance" Schröderstiftstr. 7

Kosten: 10,-€/ erm. 8,-€


for all Practica (Di) and optionally Laboratory (Mi) or Training (Do)

for only 28,- EUR!

for all Practica (Di), Laboratory (Mi) and Training (Do)

for only 52,- (off. 38,-) EUR!


Complete beginners, intermediate or advanced classes, (registration needed).

Our courses consist of 8 or 10 systematic units of 90 minutes each. We teach you the basic elements always combined with exercises that playfully emphasize on leading and following. It is our goal that you reach a level that gives you the freedom to dance creative and independently play with the music.

If you don’t know which class fits best we will figure this out when you attend a practica.

It is the easiest if you register as a couple but you can also without partner participate in our courses.

Please register one week in advance at the latest.

Trial courses:

Mini-Crashcourse for beginners (registration needed).

Here you can try the first tango steps without obligation:

  • At our practica (registration 10€ p.P.)

  • At a Workshop with minimum 6 Persons (registration 13€ p.P. bzw. 20€ als Paar)

  • As private lesson

Opportunities for experienced dancers:

Tango Orange also offers the right package for newcomers from other schools or cities. With a monthly ticket and some private lessons and our individual accompaniment, you will be fit to quickly understand our vocabulary and enter your level …

Package with 2 private lessons (with 2 teachers) + 1 monthly ticket 180 € (per person) For couples 220 € (110 € per person)


In a private lesson we will focus on your strengths and weaknesses, or work together on topics that interest you.

You can take class as an individual or as a couple, with a teacher or with two.


Costs: per hour 60,-€ with one teacher / 90,-€ with two teachers.


Tango at theravitalis Alsterdorf


Tango can help when inner or outer problems are interfearing with our life.

This offer is only for german speakers!


Wenn innere oder äußere Störungen unseren Lebensrhythmus durcheinander bringen, kann Tango helfen, wieder in Takt zu kommen. Belastende Lebenssituationen lassen uns leicht erstarren.


Tanzen ist eine Möglichkeit, Beweglichkeit wiederzugewinnen, Potentiale zu entdecken und den Körper positiv zu erleben. Bei uns kann jeder Tango lernen - ob mit oder ohne Handicap. Tango argentino basiert auf natürlichen Bewegungsabläufen und ist dank seiner Dynamik, den Geschwindigkeitsverschiebungen und viel Raum für gemeinsame Improvisation besonders geeignet, Menschen mit und ohne Beeinträchtigung zusammenzubringen.


Wir bieten daher allen, die Freude an Bewegung in Verbindung mit motivierender Musik haben, sich bei diesem Paartanz von Alltag und Beeinträchtigungen zu lösen. Besonderen Raum geben wir dabei der Basisarbeit mit speziellen und individuellen Übungen.

Die angebotenen Kurse sind durchlässig und offen und nehmen auf jedes Lernniveau Rücksicht. Es braucht nur das Einfühlungsvermögen und die Bereitschaft, Achtsamkeit und Verständnis für einen Partner aufzunehmen.



Die Kurse starten drei mal im Jahr. Bei Interesse meldet Euch gerne bei uns.

nächster Kursbeginn: 22.09.2019



Several times a year we offer different workshops. Musicality, technique, Ornaments or Improvement of body and balance. The next workshops will be announced here.

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