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We understand the Argentine Tango as a dance based on natural walking. As a second aspect also rotations basically make up our dance.

In our classes we set a high value on both aesthetic and organic movements so that we can tap the full potential of our natural movement capacities and enjoy our dance consistent with partner and music -without unnecessary effort and muscle tension.

This also includes breathing,posture and an embrace that does not block or restrict us but adapts to the needs and elements of the dance in a specific moment.

During many years of experience as Tango teachers we have analyzed the movements in detail and have developed numerous exercises with which we train these aspects in a playful way. With our method of teaching we would like to promote the continuing development of the Tango.


Besides from early and contemporary tango music we also work with music of other genres -depending on which training goal we pursue.


The color orange is a symbol of optimism and joie de vivre.

It signals openness and sociability. Orange is the color of activity, the color of the children and of all who feel young and vital. It asks us to let go and live for the moment. Orange promotes confidence and stands for communication, the desire for unity and for creativity!
This is our Tango. … Orange!


Communication and Improvisation

In our classes we are also working with the following three aspects of the Tango Discovery Method by Mauricio Castro: “Tango awareness”, “Organic Structure” and “100% Improvisation”.

Tango awareness

Tango awareness equally focuses on using the natural movements of your body to communicate and express yourself, enjoyment of dance and music, as well as on intelligent, alertness and aware dancing for leaders and followers.Human Body Communication is one of the subjects that make us unique. We are using systems of communication that all human beings understand and use in our daily lives. These concepts are state-of-the-art in movement and dance training. Because of the effortless and natural movements you will enjoy dancing as never before!A common failing of dance training is teaching technique without taking speed into account. With us, you learn to dance very fast, very slow and at every speed in between with ease.We have changed the role of followers from being passive to being active and aware. Any information taught to leaders is equally valuable to followers. We are not teaching followers to lead, we are teaching followers to understand what is being led.

Organic Structure

Like a language, dancing has different degrees of complexity. We teach you the letters of the alphabet, the words, the phrases, grammar and more.Learn how to dance the elements of tango (sacadas, barridas, ganchos, linear and circular boleos and more) with a structural approach. Learn the biomechanical aspects of the movement efficiently; get to know the different directional systems and grades of rotation. This will increase the resources you have at your disposal and lead to super-creative dancing.

100% Improvisation
dance to the Music

Learn to lead or follow anything at any time, but that’s just the beginning!


Every single steps creates endless new possibilities. Experience the Freedom to improvise and to be in control of your own dancing!It is part of our philosophy that any tango element can be performed at any time of the dance. Moreover we work on innovative and exciting sequences as well as on being comfortable with improvisation; you will increase your dance vocabulary continuously and with ease.

Lea and Ilias - Foto: Georg Voutsinos
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