Dear students, in these times the legal conditions for dance courses change and we would like to introduce our offer to you here. We ask for your understanding that the offer changes quickly and may no longer correspond to the one described here.


Questions or registration please to info@tangorange.com


From now on we offer a Practica for fixed dance couples.

This takes place every Thursday in the Neue Flora. With a maximum of 8 dance couples - registration in advance is required.

Donnerstag von 20:00 - 22:00 Uhr

TASK - in der Neuen Flora

Stresemannstr. 163 (S Holstenstr.)

Entrance unter der Musical Freitreppe. Im 5. OG

Bring your mask.

Please note the conditions of participation.*

The participation fee per evening (120 min)
is 10 [reduced 8] € per person.

Registration required!

Registration under: info@tangorange.com


Tango Orange has an offer for dancing for couples.

We can offer mixed classes with 8 dance couples. Entry for all levels is possible at any time.

Sunday from 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Content: Exercises in pairs on various aspects of the dance, such as hug, posture, steps, musicality form the basis. Intensive individual classes will take place due to the different dance experiences. We will be there with at least three teachers. Each dance couple stays in a designated separate room, so that the requirement of 2.5 m distance between the dance pairs can be met.

TASK - in der Neuen Flora

Stresemannstr. 163 (S Holstenstr.)

Entrance unter der Musical Freitreppe. Im 5. OG


Dance shoes, socks, mask, possibly training clothes, positive mood.


Please note the conditions of participation *


The participation fee per hour (90 min) is € 15 per person.


Registration required per course hour!

Registration at: info@tangorange.com



From now on Tango Orange has an offer for a Tango body workout.

Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

So that our health does not suffer, it is important that we stay fit - especially during this time. So the offer can be seen as a therapeutic measure in which we simultaneously refresh our Tango Basics. We want to keep mind and body flexible and in shape so that they are in top shape for the moment when we can dance together again. We train your balance, work on the basis and promote your musicality and aesthetics in dance!


Hochschulsport Hamburg. Please see the Website of HSP.

Please note the conditions of participation *

Registration required!

Registration at: Hochschulsport Hamburg

  • The name and address are kept on lists so that the health authority can take action in an emergency. This information will be deleted after 4 weeks.


  • If you suspect or have confirmed a CoVid-19 infection, you are obliged to inform us immediately.

  • When entering the building, in the hallways and in the toilets, keep a safety distance of 1.5 meters. For your safety, this distance is also marked on the floors.

  • Disinfectants are already available at the entrance and also in the hallways

  • Masks are required in the hallways and on the toilets. The mask can be taken off in the dance room.

  • Registration for the course is necessary. Cancellations are possible up to three days before the lesson.


The complete hygiene concept is available on site and must be observed.


You can also take private lessons with us, in which we specifically address your strengths and weaknesses, or work together on topics that interest you.


You can take classes as an individual or as a couple, with one teacher or with two.

Costs: € 60 per hour with one teacher / € 90 with two teachers

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