Another Video…

The Color Orange

The color orange is a symbol of optimism and joie de vivre. It signals openness and sociability. Orange is the color of activity, the color of the children and of all who feel young and vital. It asks us to let go and live for the moment. Orange promotes confidence and stands for communication, the desire for unity and for creativity!
This is our Tango. … Orange!

Tango Argentino

The Argentine Tango of the 21st century is based on natural body movements so that everyone can learn it easily. We introduce the students with our systematic teaching method to the movements, the “vocabulary” and the music of the Tango. There is more to Argentine Tango than leading and following. The focus lies on the sensitive and respectful communication between the dance partners. Every step opens up countless possibilities for improvisation. It is not about learning sequences of steps nor the demonstration of emotions, but the shared mindful experience in harmony to the music. Besides from early and contemporary tango music we also work with music of other genres.

Have fun!

The Tango Orange Team